Climb Kilimanjaro on New Year’s Eve

If you want to do something extraordinary this New Years Eve, then why not head on down to Tanzania and attempt the mighty Mount Kilimanjaro!

A spectacular mountain that just about anyone can climb, Kilimanjaro attracts hikers and adventure travellers from across the globe, and as it is open all year round, those looking to escape the Turkey and Christmas Pudding routine can combine their festive break with an action packed holiday to the Roof of Africa.

If you want to time your summit attempt to coincide with New Years Eve, you are going to have to plan your trip wisely. Using the 7-day Machame Route as an example, you would have to start your climb 27th December to ensure your summit night begins on 31st December; this will obviously change if you are climbing on a longer or shorter route.

Climb Kilimanjaro on New Year's Eve

Fortunately, full moon falls on 28th December this year, so you not only get to climb Kilimanjaro for New Years, but you also get to do it under the moonlight!  The weather tends to be clear during a full moon, and when the nights are clear above Kilimanjaro, you can see the glaciers sparkling on top of the mountain as a whole constellation of stars light up the midnight sky.

Once you have conquered Africa’s highest mountain, Tanzania has all the safari adventures and beaches you could possibly need to complete your journey, and make your passage into 2013 a very pleasant one indeed!




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