Kilimanjaro Marathon 2013 – Entry and Registration Now Open!

If you have climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, enjoyed a Kilimanjaro beer, and purchased a Kilimanjaro T-shirt, the only thing left to do is run the Kilimanjaro Premium Larger Marathon taking place on 3rd March 2013!

This will be the 11th edition of the Kilimanjaro Marathon, and event sponsors and organisers are hoping that next year’s race will attract both local athletes and international counterparts to make it the biggest marathon in the region to date.

Previous Kilimanjaro Marathons have attracted athletes from as far afield as New Zealand, Australia, China, America, Canada and Japan, and as many of those partaking in the race extend their stays in Tanzania with a Serengeti safari, a trip to the Spice Island of Zanzibar, or even climb Kilimanjaro (yes, really!), the event brings much-needed tourist dollars to the area.

In addition to foreign runners, the event sponsors, Kilimanjaro Premium Larger, are keen to promote and encourage Tanzanian athletes to enter the race, and as such, they have introduced a separate prize purse for the local entrants (male and female) who finish first.

Unlike climbing Kilimanjaro, the 42 kilometre marathon is relatively flat, and while the route does climb uphill slightly towards Mweka, the ascent is steady and gradual, and once you get to the 32km mark, you can expect a fast downhill stretch to the finish line.

So, if the altitude on Mount Kilimanjaro got the better of you why not attempt a different extreme adventure in Tanzania and run the Kili marathon instead?  There is a full marathon of 42.2km, a half marathon of 21.1km, and a 5km fun run to choose from, and once you cross the finish line you can enjoy an ice-cold Kilimanjaro beer over-looking the most beautiful mountain on planet earth!

Sounds perfect to me, but we have the Cape Argus Pick n Pay Cycle Tour a week later in South Africa, and I really don’t think I could manage a 42km marathon and a 109km cycle race within a week…

But let us know if you are entering, we would love to hear all about it!

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  1. Anita Mac says:

    I was worried for a moment when I read the title – I could not even begin to imagine people trying to run up the side of the mountain! Sounds like a pretty cool event.

    1. Ha! You know, people do actually run up there (not in the Marathon), but every now and again they have races and I think the record is something like 8 hours!! Makes our 7-day summit sound pretty weak! 😉

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