A Photographic Journey of Mount Kilimanjaro – Day 7 – A Long Way Down…!

When you book your Mount Kilimanjaro Climb, the only thing you think (and worry) about is getting to the top of the mountain, but what many people forget is that it takes you almost six days to get to the top – and just one day to get down!

After taking your photographs under the bright green sign of Uhuru Peak and exploring the glaciers and crater, there is only one way to go, and that is down… a long way down, back to Barafu Camp in time for a hot lunch.

Our Kilimanjaro guide kindly gave us an hour to relax after lunch, before heading further down to our camp for the night – Millennium Camp.  Many climbing companies head all the way down to Mweka Camp, but after walking all night and most of the morning, we decided the three hour trek to Millennium was more than enough for one day!

We arrived in time for a celebratory dinner with our Mountain Crew, which involved a freshly baked cake (cooked mountainside by our amazing chef Kelvin), a bottle of Austrian Schnapps that we had carried all the way, and singing and laughter that lasted well into the night!

Our last night on Kili was most certainly memorable thanks to our amazing team – Big Expeditions Asante Sana!

IMG_0415 A Photographic Journey of Mount Kilimanjaro – Day 7 – A Long Way Down…! IMG_0072 IMG_0076 IMG_0416 IMG_0420 IMG_0081 IMG_0085 IMG_0418

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  1. Thanks for visiting me. What an amazing accomplishment! Congrats

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