Kilimanjaro Mountain Crew – Going above and beyond Uhuru Peak to give us the Trip of a Lifetime

If you have climbed Kilimanjaro, then you will have witnessed first-hand just how important the guides, assistant guides, cooks and porters really are.

Not just there to carry our belongings, our tents, our food supplies and our port-a-loos up over 5,000 metres above sea level, Kilimanjaro Mountain Crew go out of their way to encourage us, inspire us, and make us feel like one of the family – through what can only be described as an exhausting but exhilarating week.

Kilimanjaro Porters really are the unsung heroes of Africa’s highest mountain, and when we received this recent review from some of our Kilimanjaro guests, we knew we had to share it with others…

“The Mountain Crew in Tanzania were absolutely brilliant, our guides and entire team were unbelievably friendly and welcoming and made our whole trip unforgettable. We literally would not have made it to the summit without them; they were motivational and truly inspiring. We owe it all to them, and also, I owe my memories to our assistant guide Bonifarce, who took a load of photos for us at the top, when we were far to altitude sick/delirious to take any ourselves, and seeing the photos is all the memory I have of the summit!

The whole team went above and beyond to make the whole experience incredible. They made us the most amazing food and drink and we were fed far better than we thought possible whilst being up a mountain. They were always happy and smiley and the guides very knowledgeable of the mountain and its flora and fauna.

We celebrated in style when we got back to the gate at the bottom where an amazing feast was laid on for us, we were presented with a lovely wall banner with our names and the dates of our climb on it, that we got to keep, as well as certificates and flowers. They welcomed us down with an amazing song and dance that was really uplifting at the end of a gruelling 6 days.”

What many people do not realise, is that many of Mount Kilimanjaro’s porters still do not receive a fair wage.  Fantastic organisations such as KPAP (the Kilimanjaro Porters Assistance Project), are helping porters receive fair pay, adequate clothing, and plenty of food during their time on the mountain, but sadly, as the demand for ‘cheap’ Kilimanjaro climbs continues to grow, so does the poor treatment of porters.

Please look out for the KPAP sign when you book your Kilimanjaro climb, and you will see faces like this on your trip to the Roof of Africa…

Climb Kilimanjaroimg_0145img_0188img_0056img_0147img_0332img_0151img_0072img_0117

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