Climbing Kilimanjaro – Inspirational Stories to help you reach Uhuru Peak

If you dream of climbing Africa’s highest mountain – Mount Kilimanjaro, but are worried that you are too old, too unfit, or simply too cool to dress in unfashionable mountain gear for a week – worry not!  There are people older than you, less fit than you, and more fashionable that you climbing this impressive peak every day – so pack your excuses in your old kit bag (or mountain rucksack!) and get on down to Tanzania!

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Here’s a roundup of the latest Kilimanjaro stories to get you inspired…

Twelve retirees set to become the oldest group to climb Mount Kilimanjaro

A group of 60 – 78 year olds from Port Lincoln, Australia will attempt to become the oldest group to reach Kilimanjaro’s 5,895m peak this week – proving that age is nothing more than a number.   A “crazy idea” thought up by 77-year old Christine Jenner who struggled to find a suitable exercise program for people in her age group, this Kilimanjaro challenge will be the culmination of 18-months of training.  Christine said, “Some people think that once you get to a certain age you should be wrapped in cotton wool and be sitting in front of the TV or reading a book. But there are wonderful things out there, life begins at 70″!

Woman climbs Kilimanjaro in High Heels and Chanel Lipstick to celebrate her 40th Birthday

Proving that you do not have to compromise on style when climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, Rima Suqui carried a pair of designer stilettos all the way to summit, where she posed for photos with killer heels and bright red Chanel lipstick.

When quizzed about her ‘unique’ mountain gear, she confirmed that she was “a little bit of a shoe person”, and that she had done this to commemorate her 40th Birthday. “It’s 40,” she said. “Forty is kind of a big deal. You’ve got to do something.”

A student, who was told she would never walk again, prepares to climb Kilimanjaro.

When architecture student Katie Taylor broke her back in a skiing accident four years ago, she was told that she would likely never walk again, but four years on, she is planning to climb Africa’s highest mountain in a bid to raise funds for a charitable organisation.

Speaking of her pending challenge, which starts tomorrow – August 6th, Katie said, “It’s important not to put limits on what we think people with disabilities can or cannot do.”

Now that we have dispelled your worries and doubts, book that Kilimanjaro Climb, and take a look at the world from the Roof of Africa – the most beautiful view on planet earth!




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