Climb Kilimanjaro – Total Lunar Eclipse September 28th, 2015

When you stand on top of Mount Kilimanjaro the moon feels so close that you can almost touch it, and on the 28th September 2015, you will be able to witness a very rare occurrence from Uhuru Peak, and that will be a Total Lunar Eclipse. Ringside seats are available for those who want to combine their Kilimanjaro Climb with the Total Lunar Eclipse, and to make sure you have the best possible views; your Mountain guide will carefully plan your departure from Barafu Camp to ensure you reach Uhuru Peak in plenty of time for this special event. group tours and private tours mount kilimanjaro machame route What is a Total Lunar Eclipse? A Total Lunar Eclipse occurs when the moon is located in the Umbra region of the Earth’s shadow, and completely blocked from the sun. A Total Lunar Eclipse is very rare, it only happens once or twice per year, and you have to be in the right place at the right time to view it. Mount Kilimanjaro just happens to be that place and time on 28th September 2015 – so its the perfect day to make your ascent to the Roof of Africa. What time do you need to be on top of Mount Kilimanjaro to view the Total Lunar Eclipse? The Total Lunar Eclipse of 28th September 2015, is set to begin at around 03:13am Arusha time. The partial eclipse will begin an hour later at 04:12, and the total eclipse begins at 05:13 when the moon turns red.  The maximum eclipse (when the moon is closest to the centre of the Umbra shadow) will be at around 05:47am. If you intend to watch the entire spectacle, please remember to take plenty of extra water and super-warm clothing – it’s gonna be cold up on Uhuru Peak and you’re gonna be there for a while!  See you at the top!


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