Friday’s Photo Shoot: Climbing Kilimanjaro Machame Route on a Private Trek

Many people choose to climb Kilimanjaro over Christmas and New Year, and as a result, most group tours are booked up months in advance.  Fortunately, there is an alternative for those who are less organised, and if you are thinking about climbing Kilimanjaro this festive season, you can still book a private trek along the Machame Route to start on any day you choose.

Private Kilimanjaro Trek’s are, surprisingly, often cheaper than the scheduled group tours, so if you thought that a private climb was out of your budget, contact a specialised tour operator for a quote – you will be pleasantly surprised.

Due to its high success rate, we decided to climb Mount Kilimanjaro along the Machame Route, and as we booked a private trek, the trip was tailor-made to suit our requirements and our journey to Uhuru Peak a whole lot easier…

Private Trek Kilimanjaro Christmas and New Year img_0111 img_0122 img_0124 img_0044 img_0135 img_0166 img_0195 img_0214 img_0257 img_0283 img_0311 img_0176 img_0335 img_0394

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