Kilimanjaro Total Lunar Eclipse – Book Your Climb for September 2015

If you dream of climbing Kilimanjaro under a full moon, now is the perfect time to book your September 2015 Mount Kilimanjaro Expedition.

On 28th September 2015, a rare Total Lunar Eclipse is set to take place, and Tanzania just happens to be one of the best places in the world to see it. So why not combine that lifelong dream with a real African adventure, and watch the total lunar eclipse from the Roof of Africa – Kilimanjaro’s 5895-metre peak!

private climb kilimanjaro 2015Most international airlines have released their seats for September 2015, but demand will inevitably push the prices up (they increase by around 40% over Christmas and New Year!), so if you want a cheap flight ticket to Kilimanjaro, now is definitely the time to book for next year.

The wooden lodges on Kilimanjaro’s Marangu Route (coca-cola route) are likely to sell out soon too. There are limited spaces available, and special occasions such as New Year’s Eve, Full Moon climbs and Lunar Eclipse climbs are usually booked up well in advance.

If you want a more ‘authentic’ Kilimanjaro climbing experience, opt for one of the camping routes such as the highly successful Machame Route or the slightly more challenging Umbwe Route. You can book both these routes as a private climb, and it may well cost you less than a scheduled group tour with one of the larger operators – so do some research!

If you can’t think what to buy yourself for Christmas this year, why not book that flight to Kilimanjaro for September 2015, and be one of the select few who get to witness a total lunar eclipse from the top of Africa’s highest mountain.




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