Climb Kilimanjaro Full Moon and Total Lunar Eclipse Dates 2015


The Kilimanjaro Climbing Season 2015 is about to get underway, and if you dream of conquering Africa’s highest mountain on a journey of self-discovery and personal achievement, there are some very special dates that you should be looking out for between now and January.

Climb Kilimanjaro Full Moon and Total Lunar EclipseDon’t get me wrong, climbing Mount Kilimanjaro at any time of the year is AMAZING, but if you are free to travel when you please, you can coordinate your expedition to the Roof of Africa to coincide with a Full Moon, or even better, a Total Lunar Eclipse!

We were lucky enough to climb Kili under a full moon back in September 2012, and the experience was magical. We didn’t need to use our glaring headlamps to make our final accent, the sky was crystal clear (except for the trillion or so dazzling stars), and when the sun began to make its way over the horizon, we were treated to the most spectacular show of colour – something I will never forget.

This year, we are taking it one step further, and will summit mighty Kilimanjaro under the Total Lunar Eclipse on 28th September 2015.  The eclipse is set to start just after 3am, so we will be well on our way to Uhuru Peak by then, and it will end just after 8am, at which time we will already be making our way down to higher oxygen levels.

If you cannot find a group tour that coincides with Full Moon or Total Lunar Eclipse dates, book a Private Kilimanjaro Tour instead – they cost the same, and in some cases, even less than a group tour, and with a team of qualified Mountain Crew all to yourself, you can make your way to Kilimanjaro’s Peak at a pace that is comfortable to you, and not the fastest member of your group.

Here are the dates in Arusha, Tanzania that you need to look out for, but just remember, your climb will need to start 3 to 5 days before these dates (depending on your route) if you are to summit under a full moon.

Kilimanjaro Full Moon and Total Lunar Eclipse Dates 2015

31st July 2015 – Blue Moon

29th August 2015 – Full Moon

28th September 2015 – Total Lunar Eclipse (join us on this amazing tour!)

27th October 2015 – Full Moon

26th November 2015 – Full Moon

25th December 2015 – Full Moon and a very Happy Christmas on Kilimanjaro!

24th January 2015 – Full Moon

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