Kosovo Camp Kilimanjaro: A Special Use Camp that Takes You One Step Closer to Uhuru Peak

If you are climbing one of Kilimanjaro’s most popular routes such as the Lemosho or the Machame, your itinerary will most probably include Barafu Camp as your last camp before you push for the summit, but there is a new, special use camp available to Kilimanjaro operators called Kosovo Camp at 4,800m, which makes a HUGE difference on summit night.

Kosovo Camp is rarely mentioned in Kilimanjaro Guide Books, there is not much information surrounding the camp on the internet, and tour operators need a special permit to use it, so it is not used by the cheaper budget operators, but this is quite possibly the best camp on Africa’s highest mountain, and the views are simply breath-taking.

Approximately 1 hour from the busy and overcrowded Barafu Camp, Kosovo Camp is situated on the trail to Stella Point, so anyone staying there already has an hour advantage on summit night.  An hour may not seem like a lot when you have 6 or 7 hours to go, but when it’s freezing cold, the air is unbelievably thin, and you are exhausted, those 60 minutes can feel like 6 hours!

When we climbed Kilimanjaro back in 2012, it took us over 7 hours to reach Uhuru Peak from Barafu Camp, but on September 28th 2015, we summited under the total lunar eclipse in less than 6 hours, and arrived a Stella Point just in time to watch the sun rise over the horizon.

If you are thinking of climbing Kilimanjaro anytime soon, I can strongly recommend that you book an itinerary that includes Kosovo Camp.  It takes you one step closer to Uhuru Peak, and that step could be the difference between failure and success.  Here’s a peak at the camp, and the trail from Kosovo to Stella Point…

IMG_7740 Best Camp on Kilimanjaro



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