Pizza Hut Deliver to the Top of Mount Kilimanjaro: Now That’s What I Call Service!


In what has to be one of the world’s most elaborate (and very impressive!) marketing ploys, Pizza Hut has just taken home delivery to a whole new level… a level of 5,895 metres above sea-level, when it delivered a pepperoni pizza to the top Africa’s highest mountain Kilimanjaro!

Pizza Hut

Image Courtesy of Guinness World Records / Pizza Hut

The special delivery, coordinated to celebrate the opening of Pizza Hut in 100 countries, has not only set a new Guinness World Record for the “highest altitude pizza delivery on land”, but it also proves that people will do just about anything to get a slice of their favourite pie!

General Manager of Pizza Hut Africa, Randall Blackford, joined the expedition along with his team of professional mountain crew, who transported the pizzas to the top of the mountain in a specially designed backpack to prevent them from becoming crushed on-route. Sadly, the bag wasn’t heated, but the team celebrated their success at Uhuru Peak with a slice of Pizza Hut’s best-selling pie, while watching the sun rise over Africa.

Speaking of this amazing, but rather wacky achievement, Milind Pant, President of Pizza Hut International said, “We are thrilled to bring Pizza Hut to Tanzania and believe there is no better way to celebrate our 100th country milestone than by setting a Guinness World Records title for the highest pizza delivery on land to Mt. Kilimanjaro.”

While I’m not sure if I could stomach a slice of pizza at 5,895 metres above sea level (water is a struggle at that altitude!), I’m sure it went down a treat with the porters, and it’s nice to know that if you cannot live without your favourite pizza when travelling the world, Pizza Hut have got you covered!!


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  1. The things that pass behind my back. This is awesome!

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