Kilimanjaro Full Moon Dates 2017

Are you going to Climb Kilimanjaro in 2017? If so, why not make your expedition to the Roof of Africa even more spectacular by climbing under a full moon! There’s something quite special about hiking to Stella Point (or Gilman’s Point) and Uhuru Peak with nothing more than the soft glow of the moonlight to guide your way, but it only happens once per month, and so you need to time your departure exactly.

Full Moon Climb Kilimanjaro

Your start date will depend on the route you take and how many days you will spend on the mountain. For example, if you climb the 8-Day Lemosho Route, your expedition should start 6 days prior to the full moon date.  If you climb the 7-Day Machame Route, you should start 5 days prior to the full moon date, and so on…

However, that said, you do not need to summit on the full moon date to take full advantage, one day either side will work perfectly too. In fact, you may find that you can enjoy the full moon more the day after your summit attempt, as during summit night the only thing you can concentrate on is getting to the top!

Here are the Kilimanjaro Full Moon Dates for 2017:

12th January 2017

11th February 2017

12th March 2017

11th April 2017

11th May 2017

9th June 2017

9th July 2017

7th August 2017 (Lunar Eclipse!)

6th September 2017

5th October 2017

4th November 2017

3rd December 2017

If you intend to climb Kilimanjaro under a full moon, you should book your expedition well in advance as demand is high.  You should also expect to see more traffic on the mountain during these dates, but when you see the big, bright moon glistening in the midnight sky, you’ll forget everyone around you…it’ll just be you and Africa’s highest mountain!



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