Kilimanjaro Flights: Bargain Deals for Every Month of the Year

Climbing Kilimanjaro is not what one would call a cheap holiday, and understandably so. Taking you up Africa’s highest mountain takes a whole lot of planning and a whole lot of mountain crew, and while it can be tempting to cut corners and go with a budget operator offering cut-price climbs, Africa’s highest mountain is not the place to be skimping on your holiday of a lifetime.

So why are Kilimanjaro Climbs expensive? Well, in addition to wages for your mountain crew, there are national park fees, food and drinks, airport transfers, and pre-and post-climb accommodations to budget for, and as everything is priced in USD, the costs are high.  Then there is the extra 18% VAT that the Tanzanian government decided to add to all travel services last year – which adds a huge amount to the cost of your trip, especially if you are combining it with a safari.

However, climbing Kilimanjaro is a once in a lifetime experience, and I have yet to meet anyone who has reached Uhuru Peak to say their trip wasn’t worth every penny! By choosing a longer route (at least 7-days) and investing in the best climbing company you can afford, you will increase your chances of reaching the summit tenfold, so don’t skimp in Tanzania, save on your flights instead!

There are some fantastic Kilimanjaro flight deals available right now, and we’ve found some of the best from now until December 2017 on Skycanner:

Cheap Kilimanjaro Flights May 2017

From 10th – 19th May 2017, you can get return flights from London to Kilimanjaro International from just £327.00pp with Turkish Airlines. The flight times are not the best (early morning arrival and departure times), but for that price, you could treat yourself to an extra night in Arusha to prepare for your climb!

Cheap Kilimanjaro Flights June 2017

June is a great time of the year to climb Kilimanjaro, and while it can be a little chilly (to say the least!), you should see plenty of clear blue skies. From 9th – 18th June 2017, you can fly from London to Kilimanjaro for just £378.00pp with KLM – and great flight times too!

Cheap Kilimanjaro Flights July 2017

July is a peak season month on Kilimanjaro, but that doesn’t mean you have to pay a fortune for your flights. Rwanda Air are currently offering the best deal at £453.00pp return from London to Kilimanjaro, but you will have to overnight in Kigali on your way home – which would be bonus for me!

Cheap Kilimanjaro Flights August 2017

Rwanda Air are also offering the best Kilimanjaro flight deals by far for August 2017, with return flights from 17th – 28th costing £354.00 per person (London departure). Again, you will have to overnight in Kigali, so why not extend your stay even further, and go gorilla trekking in Virunga National Park.

Cheap Kilimanjaro Flights September 2017

September is a perfect month to climb Kilimanjaro, and with flights costing just £386.00pp return from London, everyone can afford to conquer this spectacular member of the Seven Summits. Kenya Airways are offering the best rates here from 10th to 20th September 2017.

Cheap Kilimanjaro Flights October 2017

My favourite time of the year to climb Kilimanjaro, October is slightly less crowded than September, and the weather is, in general, cool, calm, and collected! From 10th – 22nd October, Kenya Airways are offering return flights from London to Kilimanjaro for just £375.00pp – a bargain!

Cheap Kilimanjaro Flights November 2017

In November 2017, you can fly from London to Kilimanjaro with Kenya Airways for £375.00pp. With just one stopover in Nairobi and great flight times, schedule 2nd – 10th November into your adventure diary!

Cheap Kilimanjaro Flights December 2017

Finally, if you dream of climbing Kilimanjaro in December this year, now is the time to book your flights! KLM are offer great deals from 1st – 10th (departing London), from just £365.00pp!

With bargain flight prices like that, your Kilimanjaro Climb doesn’t have to cost a fortune. So why not book today!

Note: All the above prices are quoted ‘live’ in Skyscanner on 26.04.2017 and are therefore subject to change at any time.






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