Ten Reasons Why You Should Book a Private Kilimanjaro Expedition


You would think that booking your Kilimanjaro climb would be the easiest part of your journey to the Roof of Africa, but with hundreds of different climbing companies and tour types to choose from, it can be difficult to know where to start.

You could choose to go with one of the many charity climbs available, or you could book a spot on a scheduled group tour, but if you don’t want to share this once in a lifetime experience with complete strangers, you should think about booking a Private Kilimanjaro Expedition that is tailored to suit your exact needs and specific travel dates.

Kilimanjaro Private Climbs

On first glance, a Private Kilimanjaro Climb may seem over your budget, but those offered by top rated climbing companies are usually fully-inclusive, and so the only thing you need to account for is your flight, your expedition and tips for your mountain crew. Many crowded group climbs have lots of hidden extras, and charity climbs require you to raise a large lump sum of money, so take time to read the small print, and compare like-for-like to see the real costs involved.

If you are currently planning your trip to Tanzania, here are 10 Reasons Why You Should Book a Private Kilimanjaro Expedition:

  1. A private Kilimanjaro climb can start on any day you choose, 365 days of the year.
  2. You’ll have your own team of mountain crew, who will do everything they can to bring you to Uhuru Peak…even if it means carrying your daypack and dragging you to the summit!
  3. It’s more personalised. You can stop for photos as often as you like, take a toilet break without consulting the entire group, and coordinate your daily itinerary to suit your personal requirements.
  4. Private Kilimanjaro Expeditions have a higher success rate, quite simply because you are the sole focus of your mountain crew.
  5. You have your own private-use WC Tent… I don’t think I need to expand on that any further!
  6. You will get to know your mountain crew and make new Tanzanian friends. With a large group, the crew tend to remain in the background, but with a private tour, you will most likely spend your evenings sharing stories with your porters and guides.
  7. With a private tour, you can rest longer if you are having a particularly bad day. With a group climb, you need to keep up with the others, even if you are fighting to keep you breakfast down!
  8. You’ll learn more about the mountain and life in Tanzania. With just you (your group) to take care of, your guide(s) will have more time to teach you about the flora, fauna, and wildlife.
  9. Private Kilimanjaro Climbs are available for couples, family/friend groups, and even singles, so if you can’t find someone to join you, you can go it alone.
  10. It really is affordable. We all have a budget, and it can be tempting to cut costs by choosing a cheaper climb with a larger group, but if your sole aim is to stand on top of Africa’s highest mountain and view the world beneath you, you have a much better chance of making it on a Private Kilimanjaro Expedition!



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