Hiking & Biking Kilimanjaro FAQs: A Private Expedition along the Marangu Route

If you love the idea of mountain biking up Kilimanjaro, but your travel partner would prefer to hike up Africa’s highest mountain instead, a Private Hiking & Biking Kilimanjaro Expedition along the Marangu Route could be the perfect compromise for both of you.

Specifically designed for couples and small groups who want to climb Kilimanjaro, but cannot agree on hiking or mountain biking their way to the top, this 6-Day Kilimanjaro Adventure allows one partner to cycle, and the other to hike, and you’ll even have the opportunity to meet up for a warm mountainside lunch to discuss your mornings on route to base camp!

By including some clever detours for the cyclist, this custom designed itinerary really does offer the best of both worlds, and while the biker will most definitely make it down the mountain faster than their hiking partner, there are no guarantees you’ll make it to Uhuru Peak any quicker…

If you would like to mountain bike Kilimanjaro with a non-cycling colleague or friend, here are a few FAQs that will help you plan for your trip of a lifetime:

Is it possible to Mountain Bike on Kilimanjaro?

Yes, it is, although you cannot cycle on every route. The Londorosi Route and the Marangu Route are considered the best routes for mountain biking, although if you are summiting with a non-cycling friend, the Marangu Route is your best option.

How does it work if I cycle and my partner hikes?

It’s easy. After breakfast each morning, you will each set off with your own mountain guides, and make your way to the lunch camp. Obviously, the person cycling will be quicker than the person hiking, and so your cycling guides will take a detour to camp.  You will still probably arrive earlier, but that just gives you more time to look around and enjoy the magnificent scenery.

Do I need to take my own Mountain Bike to Kilimanjaro?

No, it is possible to rent one locally, however, they are basic, and so if are particular about what you ride, you should consider taking your own with you. As there are no mechanics on the mountain, you should also be prepared to repair your own punctures and make minor repairs along the way, so take plenty of tools and spare inner tubes with you!

What happens if I cannot cycle at altitude?

Altitude affects different people in different ways. If you feel too drained to continue cycling up the mountain, you can simply hand your bike over to your porter (specially allocated for your bike) and continue hiking to the summit.

Does it cost more to Mountain Bike up Kilimanjaro?

Yes. You will, in most instances, need to hire the services of an extra mountain guide, you will need to rent a mountain bike locally (unless you take your own), and the Kilimanjaro National Park charges an extra fee for cycling. You’ll also need an extra porter to carry your bike if something goes wrong. This will all add to the overall cost of your expedition, but once you’ve biked down Kilimanjaro, I’m sure you’ll agree that it is worth every penny spent!



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