Expedition Kilimanjaro FAQ: Solo Climbs for Single Travellers

If you dream of climbing Kilimanjaro, but cannot find a partner in crime to join you on this adventure of a lifetime, or do not like the thought of sharing the experience with complete strangers, a solo Kilimanjaro expedition could be the perfect choice for you.

Private Kilimanjaro Climbs for Singles

Affordable, comprehensive, and available to start on any day of the year, private Kilimanjaro climbs are perfect for solo travellers who are looking for a more personalised experience, and with an entire team of mountain crew at your disposal for the duration of your expedition, your success rate is significantly higher on a solo climb than it is on a mixed group tour.

If you like the idea of a private Kilimanjaro tour, but are concerned about going it alone, here are our most popular FAQs raised by solo climbers to help put your mind at rest:

Is there a huge single supplement for a Private Kilimanjaro Climb?

There is no beating around the bush here, as a solo traveller you will have to pay more for your climb – approximately 30% more than you would in a group, but when you weigh up the pros and cons of a private climb, you may find that it is worth it. Your private climb can start on any day of the year, you can stop as many times as you like to take photos or make breaks, and your daily itinerary can be customised to suit you.

How many crew will a single climber have on a private expedition?

People are always surprised at just how many mountain crew are required to run a successful Kilimanjaro expedition. For your solo private climb, you will have a mountain guide, a cook, and around 6 or 7 porters to carry all the necessary food supplies and equipment for your trek.

What are the sleeping arrangements for a single traveller on Kilimanjaro?

As a single climber on Kilimanjaro, you will have your own 2-man tent, which will be carried, erected and dismantled by your mountain crew.  As a single traveller on a mixed group tour, you may find that you have to share a tent with a complete stranger, unless you pay a large supplement…

Is it safe to climb Kilimanjaro on my own?

Yes, absolutely, providing you book your private Kilimanjaro expedition with a KPAP recommended Tour Operator. Your mountain crew will look after your every need, they will secure your tent in a position that can be monitored overnight, and they will be very respectful of your privacy.

Will it be boring to climb on my own?

No! In fact, you may find that you make more friends climbing Kilimanjaro on a private tour than you would on a group tour.  You will get to know your crew, and you will have endless opportunities to meet other climbers along the way as you all hike the same trails, stop in the same lunch spots, and overnight in the same camps.

Are there any benefits of a Private Kilimanjaro Climb?

Yes – endless! With a private Kilimanjaro climb there is no one else to worry about except you.  You don’t have to wait for those who cannot get out of bed in the morning, you can rest longer if you are feeling the effects of altitude, and you can make as many stops as you like to snack, take photos, or simply sit back and enjoy the scenery. The whole experience is much more personalised, and as such, single climbers have more than a 95% chance of reaching the summit.

Climbing Kilimanjaro is a once in a lifetime experience, and if your sole aim is to reach Uhuru Peak, a private expedition could be just the thing to get you one-step closer!

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