Anyone for Mountain Biking Kilimanjaro? Well… If Danny MacAskill Can Do It!

If you would like to conquer Kilimanjaro, but find a traditional hiking expedition just too easy, then why not book yourself on a Kilimanjaro Mountain Biking Tour, and follow in the footsteps (or should that be cycle path!) of Mountain Biker extraordinaire, Danny MacAskill, who has recently made it to the top of Africa’s Highest Mountain, on what he describes “one of the biggest challenges I’ve ever had on my bike.”

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MacAskill is well-known in the cycling world for his extreme off-road antics, which have seen him jump cows in the Scottish Highlands, ride on rooftops in the Canary Islands, and even bunny hop over the famous grotto at the Playboy Mansion, but his latest adventure was not quite so glamorous…

During the 5 days he spent hiking Kilimanjaro, MacAskill encountered all kinds of weather conditions, and spent many hours hiking with his mountain bike balanced precariously on his back.  While the world-famous trails rider is used to pushing himself to the max, he has since admitted that he was not prepared for the altitude at the summit, and listed his Kilimanjaro Expedition as “the toughest climb he’s ever had”.

However, Danny and his colleagues made it to the snow-capped peak of Uhuru, and after taking obligatory photos at the iconic Kilimanjaro sign, they jumped on their mountain bikes and began their mighty 5,000m descent down scree covered slopes, rocky landscapes, and lush verdant rainforests to the base of Africa’s highest mountain.

The downhill adventure “made all the suffering worth it” according to Danny, and so if you are up for a mountain biking expedition quite unlike any other, Mountain Biking Kilimanjaro could be the perfect trip for you!

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