Private Kilimanjaro Expedition: Why Tours for Singles are on the Increase


If you love the idea of climbing Mount Kilimanjaro but have yet to convince one of your buddies to join you, why not book yourself a Private Kilimanjaro Tour, and make your way to the Roof of Africa on a journey tailor-made just for you.

The perfect option for intrepid travellers who would rather not share this life-changing experience with a group of people they do not know, private expeditions give you the freedom to travel on your preferred dates, the time to hike at your own pace, and the ability to explore Africa’s highest mountain with a team of local mountain crew who will, undoubtedly, become dear friends. And so, it is a completely different experience to joining a mixed group tour.

While many people may be put off at the thought of climbing Kilimanjaro on their own, the pros far outweigh the cons. In fact, we have yet to meet a single traveller who has not made it to Uhuru Peak on this type of tour, quite simply because they have a team of dedicated mountain crew committed to helping them, and only them, succeed.

Benefits of a Private Kilimanjaro Climb include:

Flexibility: Your trip can start on any day you choose, 365 days per year.

Exclusivity: It may sound a tad selfish, but this type of tour is all about you, and if your sole aim is to make it to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro, this is the best way to do it.

Freedom: While you will have to stick to some sort of itinerary to ensure you cover the distance required each day, you’ll be able to stop more often, ask your guide as many questions as you like, and take a moment to stand back and admire the view. You simply don’t get this on a mixed group tour.

Friendship: When climbing Kilimanjaro with other travellers, you are more likely to talk to them than with your mountain crew. On a private tour, this is completely the opposite. You’ll be sharing your day with local people, by that we mean your guides and porters, and this will give you a much more authentic experience.

Of course, climbing Kilimanjaro comes with a price tag, and if you do opt for a private expedition for a single climber, it is going to cost you more than you would pay to join a mixed group tour, but it really is worth every penny.

Success is never guaranteed, but on a private Kilimanjaro tour, your chances of reaching Uhuru Peak are significantly raised, and that, as they say, is priceless!






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