Why Now Is The Cheapest Time of Year to Book Your Kilimanjaro Expedition 2019

With the year fast drawing to an end, many of us are already thinking about our 2019 holidays, and if next year is the year when you are finally going to cross ‘Climb Kilimanjaro’ off your Bucket List, now is the perfect time to start coordinating your plans.

Kilimanjaro Expedition 2019

Kilimanjaro Expeditions are in big demand, and as such, the mountain is busier than it has ever been before with an estimated 50,000 climbers per year. While there are currently no limits to the number of Kilimanjaro National Park permits issued per day, the pre-and-post accommodations available in Arusha and Moshi are limited, and if you want to start and end your journey to the Roof of Africa in a little bit of comfort, you should look at securing your 2019 accommodations sooner rather than later, particularly if you intend to visit during ‘peak’ travel periods.

Additionally, most Kilimanjaro Operators raise their prices on January 1st, and so you could save as much as 10 per cent by booking your 2019 Kilimanjaro Climb before the end of year, and with your expedition booked and confirmed well in advance of your departure date, you’re much more likely to stick to your New Year’s Resolutions, especially if they include ‘getting fit’ and ‘losing weight’.

When it comes to flight tickets to Kilimanjaro, well sadly, there are no rules, but if you sign up for notifications on skyscanner, one of the best flight search engine apps available (in my humble opinion), they you could save yourself a fortune. The average return flight ticket from London to Kilimanjaro will set you back about £600, while a flight ticket from New York to Kilimanjaro will cost you around £700 in economy.

If you were to book the same tickets now for a last-minute Kilimanjaro expedition over Christmas or New Year, you can expect to shell out at least £800 from London and £1000 from New York, so it pays to shop early, and book your flights to JRO at least 3-months prior to departure.

As most Kilimanjaro Routes are camping routes, you don’t have to worry about pre-booking accommodations, unless you go for the Marangu (Coca-Cola) Route where you will overnight in huts.  These huts do need to be booked in advance, so if you do decide to go for this route (not recommended), then book now and forever hold your peace!

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a cheap Kilimanjaro climb, but there is such a thing as a successful one, and when you consider that the difference between the two is less than a couple of hundred dollars, it makes financial sense to pay a little more and get all the way to Uhuru Peak!

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