Last-Minute Kilimanjaro Climbs: Yes, There’s Still Time to Book for Christmas

If you love the idea of escaping winter in the northern hemisphere and spending Christmas or New Year’s hiking Mount Kilimanjaro, you’ll be pleased to know that there is still time to book your trip to the Roof of Africa on a Last-Minute Kilimanjaro Expedition!

Climb Kilimanjaro Christmas

Coordinating a Kilimanjaro tour takes time. There’s the National Park permits to secure, there’s mountain crew to recruit, and there’s more than a little bit of shopping involved for your meals and drinks on the mountain, but when you book a Private Kilimanjaro Tour, all of the above can be arranged for you at the drop of hat, with just a 3-day turn-around required to organise your trip to Uhuru Peak.

Of course, there are certain disadvantages of booking your Kilimanjaro Expedition last-minute, and if you do not have a wardrobe full of hiking gear and high-altitude attire, you’ll need to do a certain amount of running around yourself, but providing you are physically fit (and we mean fit here… a couple of hours jogging at your local gym doesn’t cut it!), and mentally prepared for what will be one of the most challenging experiences of your lifetime, it’s doable, and doable next week!

The beauty of Private Kilimanjaro Tours is that they can start on any day of the year, including international holidays such as Christmas and New Year’s Day, and so there really are no limits as to when you climb Africa’s highest mountain.

Are Private Kilimanjaro Tours more expensive than scheduled group tours? Well, yes and no, depending on your group size. If you’re travelling on your own, then yes, a private tour will cost you more, but if you are a small group of 4 or 5 travellers, you could find that a private expedition costs the same, or even less than a group tour, quite simply because many group tours advertise a base price minus essential ‘extras’ such as airport transfers to lure you in with a discounted price.

If you’ve got annual leave to use up this year, and fancy giving Kilimanjaro a go, book your last-minute expedition now. You could be there and back before the fun and festivities really begin, and just imagine the stories you’ll have to tell at your work’s Christmas party!


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