Blizzards Hit Mount Kilimanjaro! Get Ready for a Frosty Expedition!

As Africa’s highest mountain, you may automatically think that Mount Kilimanjaro is constantly sprinkled in snowfall, but that’s really not the case… perhaps until now!

Having climbed Kilimanjaro twice, both times at the end of September / beginning of October, we’ve experienced nothing but beautiful blue skies, and while the temperatures are understandably frosty at 5,895 metres above sea-level, the only snow we’ve ever seen is that of Kilimanjaro’s glaciers.

However, climbers that attempted to summit Mount Kilimanjaro last week were not quite so lucky. Seeing some of the worst weather its had in decades, the Roof Africa was transformed into a winter wonderland with extreme blizzards making the iconic sign at Uhuru Peak virtually unrecognisable.

Our very own porter Mathew Agustino, who has since gone on to become a good friend, was on the mountain with a group when the storms hit last week, and shared these fantastic images with us.

If you are planning on climbing Kilimanjaro over the next couple of weeks, you’d better pack a few extra pairs of thermals. Your journey Uhuru Peak could be a frosty one… you have been warned!

The Lovely Mathew! The man who makes you eat when the altitude is telling you not to!


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