Climb Kilimanjaro 2021 – Escape Lockdown – Tanzania Is Open For Business!

If like most of us, you are desperate to escape the confines of lockdown, why not give yourself something to look forward to by booking a Kilimanjaro Expedition today? Tanzania is open for business and has been for months and, in a bid to attract travellers from across the world, KPAP registered climbing companies are offering cut-price Kilimanjaro expeditions to help support local porters during these difficult times.

Cheap Kilimanjaro Tours

Is there such a thing as cheap Kilimanjaro expeditions? The answer to that is no. National park fees, camping fees, porter wages, food, camping equipment, emergency medical assistance, and transport all cost money and, while some companies may offer short 5-day Marangu route climbs to attract budget-conscious travellers, the success rate is poor.

Less than 40 per cent of climbers make it to Uhuru Peak on these shorter expeditions, so is it really worth saving a couple of hundred dollars on a holiday of a lifetime, only to find that you do not reach the summit?

If a Kilimanjaro company is offering you a 7-day expedition for less than $1,800, there is a good chance that your porters will not get paid, but instead, promised large tips on your behalf. Some unscrupulous companies will even go as far as telling foreign travellers that tips are included in the cost when they are most definitely not. So be aware when shopping for quotes and read between the lines.

Low-Cost Kilimanjaro Tours

That said, due to the pandemic, Kilimanjaro tour operators have had no choice but to lower the cost of their expeditions to attract the few people that are willing to travel, so you may save a hundred dollars or so if you climb Kilimanjaro in 2021.

With fewer crowds to contend with, you’ll enjoy a peaceful journey to the Roof of Africa, and you may even feel like you’ve got Africa’s highest mountain all to yourself on some parts of the route. The time to climb Kilimanjaro has never been better and, unless local lockdown restrictions prevent you from travelling, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t pack your kit and go!

Kilimanjaro Covid Cancellations – What If It All Goes Wrong?

Most airlines offer attractive booking conditions, which allow you to change your ticket free of charge if you cannot travel. You may have to pay a difference in fare if your new dates cost more, but you won’t lose what you have already paid.

Any good Kilimanjaro climbing company will transfer your booking to a new date if you are unable to travel due to Coronavirus, providing you give them notice. But, you should have an insurance policy to cover any unforeseen circumstances, such as being denied boarding due to having Covid-19 symptoms or failing to produce any PCR results necessary.

Several travel insurance companies are offering policies with full Covid Cover, so you can travel with confidence, knowing that if things do go wrong, you’ll get your money back.

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